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Celebrating 52 Intrigue Journal Segments on Ozarks Fox Am!



For a little over a year now we have been bringing Intriguing stories to our Friends Kelly Smith and Jeremy Rabe every thursday morning on Ozarks fox AM.

We celebrated with a special Cake and we put together the best of Jeremy freaking out!


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Juliana Fay Reports

Data – Sonification – Data from space become music?



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Sharks in Great lakes and Mississippi River?!




There have been “sharks in the news!
If you have been looking at the world news – some amazing Shark stories have broken.
It’s unusual for Australia to have five fatal shark attacks in the first six months of a year. On average, three people die from shark attacks each year in the country, according to figures kept by the Australian Shark Attack File.

The last time there were five fatal attacks in an entire year was 2014.

“38 year old Woman Punches Shark in the Eye”

Leeanne Ericson, 38, was swimming off of a beach in Southern California When something began to drag her below the surface.
“As soon as it grabbed my leg, I knew what it was,” she said.
“I remember being pulled down and thinking about my kids.
“And I remember thinking about my fiance not knowing where I was or what was happening to me.
“I went maybe 25-30 feet. I could notice the light change and it was getting darker and darker the further I was going down.”

She managed to struggle free only after clawing at the shark’s face and punching it in the eye.
“My whole hand went into his eye, and I stuck it in as far as I could,” she said.
“It was super soft, it felt like I’d put my hand into a cup of jelly.
“The shark jerked away from me, and I was swimming to the surface.”
One paramedic described how she “wasn’t even really bleeding any more” because she had already lost so much blood.

Leeanne spent nine weeks in intensive care following the attack and underwent eight surgeries to repair the damage to her leg, racking up “millions” in medical bills.
She still has no feeling in her leg and had to learn to walk again, but said she is just thankful to be alive.

Scientists have recorded the first footage of a great white shark attacking and killing an enormous humpback whale.
Video taken from a drone off the coast of South Africa shows the 13ft-long shark hunting the whale which was around 33ft long and in ill health.
Ryan Johnson, a marine biologist who observed the unlikely massacre, said the ordeal lasted about 50 minutes before the whale died.
Mr Johnson said the great white was very ‘strategic’ in taking down the behemoth. It initially severed an artery or vein on the whale’s most vulnerable area, its tail, before pulling the ailing leviathan underwater and drowning it.
While humpback whales are known to attack sharks it is very unusual for the giant mammals to be the victims.

Last year I spoke with kaleigh Burns who works for One Ocean Diving – and they made world news when they swam along Deep Blue a GIANT GREAT WHITE SHARK – and I asked her if she was afraid.

Ocean Ramsey has a movie you can rent or buy on Vimeo on Demand and the show is called “Saving Jaws” I have seen the trailer and it looks great and compelling.

So Sharks attack the most? – which species is most dangerous.

Great White Sharks are the #1 suspect for unprovoked fatal attacks.
Of course Ocean Ramsey and one ocean diving is leading a campaign to help people understand that most if not all attacks are about a misunderstanding. Tell that to the Surfers in California and Australia.

The 2nd most attacks come from the Tiger Shark – and here is what Kaliegh Burns had to say about Tiger Sharks.

“Which Shark is most aggressive”

But have you ever heard that Great white sharks can sense even a little blood up to 3 miles away?

So I asked Ms. Burns what would happen if you went diving and you got cut on the edge of the boat as you were jumping in the water? Here is that BIG QUESTION.

Of course if you are enjoying the summer weather and having fun at the lake, you don’t have to worry about shark encounters – right?

Why? Because Sharks can only survive in Salt Water – right?

Next week we will talk about the 3rd suspect for unprovoked fatal shark attacks.

While it might be in 3rd place it could easily be in 1st place

because in many reports of shark attacks the species is listed as “unknown”

And experts believe it could be Shark number 3 because this shark has few markings for it to be identified.

Shark Number #3 is also believed to be the MOST AGGRESSIVE SHARK out there.
And here is the scariest part.
Shark #3 doesn’t need Saltwater to live and commonly swims up the mississippi river.

In 1955 there was a documented shark attack in Chicago – in Lake Michigan!

Next week – I will tell you according to divers and Marine biologists – that there could be sharks in the Great Lakes!

Killer sharks in the Great Lakes?!

If your response is BS – you are right, but not the way you think you might be.

It’s a commonly known fact that Sharks can only survive in Saltwater oceans.

But the next time you spend some fun time in the lake – don’t think about what I am about to tell you.

Not only can a certain species of shark survive and thrive in freshwater but it has found its way into many rivers and lakes.

Last Week we talked about “WHICH SHARKS ATTACK THE MOST” Great White Sharks and Tiger sharks being responsible for the most unprovoked fatal attacks on humans – but there is a 3rd specie – THE BULL SHARK.

Lets look at these guys, Most Aggressive, most attacks, and can swim in freshwater.

At a golf course in Australia there was a flood that temporarily let a river spill into one of it lakes. There is now a community of 6 or more Bull Sharks in this Fresh water pond on the golf course and they have begun to breed. You lose your ball in the water there – – I’m thinking you just leave it.

But the Bull Shark has the unique ability to Recycle the salt its body already contains which allows the bull shark to adapt to a freshwater environment.

bull sharks have been documented as far as 2,000 miles upstream in the Amazon River, a few hundred miles farther than the distance between Lake Michigan and the nearest saltwater. So it is theoretically possible for a bull shark to swim to Lake Michigan.

Let’s go up the Mississippi! In 1937 a man caught a 4 foot bull shark in the Mississippi river in Atlon Illinois!
and there was even a documented Bull shark attack in 1955 in LAKE MICHIGAN.

How is this possible? If that story is true – that bull shark could have swam up the Mississippi river but would have to time it perfectly getting through the locks.

But what if i told you that Marine biologists and Scuba divers that study sharks have another plausible theory on how Bull sharks could end up somewhere in the Freshwater of the Great Lakes… They could become hitchhikers on Sea Freighters!

Say there is a freighter in Brazil or the gulf of Mexico where there is a bull shark nursery. And As they filled their ballast tanks they sucked up a small juvenile bull shark into their ballast tanks. And that shark was somehow able to survive the journey.

The Freighter makes its way thru the St. Lawrence River through water that would be far too cold for the shark to navigate on its own. And then when the Freighter gets to one of the Great Lakes and picks up cargo and Purges its Ballast tanks – it would be dropping the young bull shark off in its new environment. But how could it survive the journey inside the Ballast tanks.

Ballast water in tankers is one of the main pathways for most invasive species in the Great lakes.

That Means – the Ballast tanks wouldn’t just pick up a lone Juvenile Bull shark. The Ballast tanks would more than likely have lots of sea life to provide the Shark company or rather a food source for it to live on during his trip up the East Coast – thru the St. Lawrence Sea way into the Great lakes to drop off the hitchhiker.

But tell us what you think. Do you think it is completely far fetched or do you think Bull sharks can come that far north. We know they are driven to travel upstream in Freshwater passages. and we know they will attack humans unprovoked. Tell us in the comments below and we would like to have you as a subscriber. We publish new segments every thursday.

For Intrigue journal – Im sean paul reminding you to CHALLENGE your REALITY!

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Einstein Equations & Tesla’s Notes – Time Travel Might Be Reality




SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 with humans for the first time on May 20, 2020, marking the first of many steps towards Elon Musk’s dream of colonizing Mars. But have we already been to Mars?

Science fiction or is it a Science Fact?
Is the Government HIDING Time-travel technology?

Andrew Basiago is a practicing attorney in the Seattle area. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He’s been featured on True TV and the History channel. He also ran for President in 2016 on the platform of Truth and Disclosure.

Basiago claims he was part of a secret cold-war project in which he teleported, time-traveled, and visited Mars. For more than a decade, he’s been campaigning for the US Government to declassify the program, share it with the public, and quit spending money on technology that already exists just to keep a secret.

It sounds crazy, conspiratorial! Or is it? There are, in fact, PROOFs – unclassified documents and solid investigative journalism – which reveal the Government IS capable of keeping gigantic secrets.

Hollywood, Authors, Artists & Eerie PRECOGNITION

Hollywood has an uncanny ability to predict future technology. Star Trek introduced us to self-opening doors, now a standard feature at malls and grocery stores, while the 1968 blockbuster film – A 2001 Space Odyssey – predicted interactive computers, video conferencing and AI capabilities. Remember Hal’s chilling obstinance when Dave tells him to “open the Pod bay doors?” Ask Alexa today.

“I know you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and that is something I cannot allow to happen.”

Authors and artists prove to be seers. Mary Shelley in her 1818 novel, Frankenstein, envisioned transplants. And Jonathan Swift foreshadowed the discovery of the 2 moons of Mars in his 1726 classic, Gulliver’s Travels.

Do YOU see a smartphone in this 1860 Painting by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmülle, entitled
“The Expected One.”

What about this 1937 mural, The Settling, painted on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Office Building by Italian artist, Umberto Romano.

In his notebooks, Leonardo DaVinci recalls chancing upon a dark cave while hiking near Florence in 1480. Fearful of the darkness but desiring to know “whether there were any marvelous thing within,” his curiosity triumphs, and he enters. ᶦ  According to author/historian Walter Isaacson, the cave triggers dread, and in his notes, he rapidly scribes an apocalyptic scene fueled by scientific discovery and imaginative fantasy – “strands,” Isaacson states, “that would be interwoven throughout his life.”

So, it seems this was a fulcrum moment in the cave. But open yourself to other, less-scholarly sources, and it’s said that Davinci disappeared for a couple of years. Some have theorized a causal relation to his experience at the cave – that upon resurfacing, he produced some of his best work, as if the encounter in the cave provided enlightenment. Perhaps imaginative speculation, but one can wonder, how was DaVinci so ahead of his time. His thought experiments resemble scientific methodology used later. He had a remarkable grasp of geometry without any formal education, recognized patterns across interests, and was 400 hundred years ahead of his time with drawings of self-propelled cars, weaponry, and flying machines.

How do these artists see into the future? Are they time-travelers? They seem endowed with a sort of knowing.

Is Time Travel Possible?

  • SHORT answer: Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity says Yes! In fact, many of his equations include [skip B]
  • LONG answer: Einstein’s theory of special relativity says that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. For example, one twin inside a spaceship and traveling near the speed of light would age much slower than his twin at home. That is, a person traveling by rocket at the speed of light away from Earth and back again would return to the Earth in the future because the faster you move through space, the slower you move through time … confused? Me too. Let’s keep going… Einstein, that smarty pants, discovered that you could replace time for space, or space for time. This was following the work of Newton’s Laws of Motion and Maxwell’s Speed of Light which Einstein realized were in conflict. He called the resulting absurdity Time Dilation and named his theory General Relativity – time stretches and contracts, varying with velocity. Due to its malleability, time, like space, deserved its own dimension. In fact, he claimed the two were one and the same. Together they form a 4-dimensional fabric or continuum called spacetime. Massive objects curve the fabric of time around them – that is, gravity can bend time. If you still desire to wrap your noodle around this, click here.

What is a wormhole?

Think of it as a tunnel that connects two places in space and time. Many of Einstein’s equations include wormholes. He showed us that space and time are curved. They’re flexible. Imagine curling the fabric of spacetime to match up two far-away points so we can travel less distance – A shortcut.

While we haven’t found a wormhole, Einstein’s theories are wildly successful. When put to the test, nature always complies. He was right about Time Dilation, Black holes, and Gravitational Waves – the stretching and compression of space – which were not detected until 2015. That was after twenty-five years of looking and 99 years after the notion was proposed by Einstein. It seems plausible he might also be right about wormholes.

Tesla and his missing notes

Another genius of the era, Tesla, was also making extraordinary discoveries about the peculiar workings of the universe. Among them, Wireless transmission and Radiant Energy. At the time of his death in 1943, the US Government seized Tesla’s notes. Some of these remain classified.

Andrew Basiago claims “Tesla Time Travel Technology” was one of the eight modes of teleportation and time travel in which he participated. The technology, he says, was developed as early as the late 1960s when he traveled as a young boy – along with 140 other psychically-gifted children.

He was brought into the program by his father, Raymond Basiago, who was an engineer with the Ralph M. Parsons company, which was allegedly involved with the secret operation, known as “Project Pegasus.” Basiago claims to have made his first “jump” in 1969 at the age of six, teleporting from New Jersey to Sante Fe, New Mexico.

How does science work?

Basiago says the CIA found a way to tunnel through the fabric of time. Rather than disintegration to reintegration, which he says would kill an organism, they used a field of radiant energy to open a vortal tunnel through which the teleportee passed, body intact.

Other secret technologies referenced by Basiago include:

  • The Mautauk chair – A television-like way of seeing the future. Basiago claims to have seen himself as an attorney on the West Coast.
  • Chronovisor – A hologram that allowed you to view another time. The machine received, decoded, and reproduced electromagnetic radiation and sound waves left behind from past events.
  • Plasma confinement chamber – The teleportee would walk into a field of radioactive plasma, experience collapsing like trap door, followed by 30 minutes of wormhole-ing, before arriving at a different place in time. This is the method Basiago used to get to the Gettysburg address.
  • Stargate – An advanced teleporter. Jumpers would run up a ramp and jump into a vortal tunnel. This is how he traveled to Mars, as well as to 2045 where he retrieved scrolls detailing history between 1970-2040s.

Basiago champions the secret program was a noble endeavor, that the motivation was to obtain details about future and past events to keep soldiers safe. Why Children? Basiago claims DARPA found adults would project their biases into simulations, while children – on the other hand – were a blank slate.  If you can travel back in time, why not fix things, prevent catastrophes like 911? Basiago says, “You can’t change the past, all you can do is fulfill an event that already happened.”  Why haven’t more of the participants (including Barack Obama) come forward? Basiago claims the CIA implemented memory loss techniques, as well as fear tactics to keep participants from revealing the secret operation.

Other accounts of teleportation technology

William Birnes, author and contributor to television shows such as on Unexplained Files and Ancient Aliens, shares an account of teleportation in his book “UFOs and The White House.” The experience, belonging to a Test Pilot, was shared with Birnes on the condition of anonymity. The Pilot alleges he was coerced into a final assignment for the CIA – the operation of an experimental “flight simulator.“ Instantly, without any sense of motion or passage of time, the pilot found himself at the other end of a large hanger in a different “flight simulator.”

If the Government does possess technology that would allow us to time-travel or teleport to Mars, then why are we spending billions of dollars on cumbersome rockets and missions to Mars? Are the reasons complicated? The ends justified?

Is the Government capable of keeping secrets as BIG as this?

Investigative journalist and best-selling author, Annie Jacobsen, has researched government secrecy in-depth. After scouring through pages of unclassified documents and speaking with many operatives and scientists at DARPA, she contends the Government must stay ahead of other countries. During a 2017 C-Span interview, she cites the Manhattan Project as evidence that the Government can and does keep secrets. That program, which produced the first nuclear bomb, cost 2 billion dollars (28 billion today), employed 130,000 people and remained a guarded secret until strategic press releases and reports selectively informed the public.

In her book, “Operation Paperclip,” Annie Jacobsen details another secret program that brought Nazi scientists, such as Wernher Von Braun, to America in order to stay ahead of technology.

Von Braun was the chief architect of Germany’s V2 – the world’s first ballistic and guided missile. Von Braun and hundreds of other Nazi scientists worked in the shadows for decades. But Von Braun, in particular, acquired celebrity. His team launched America’s first satellite, Explorer I, and he became the director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and was responsible for the Saturn V rocket that brought us to the moon.

His status as a Major with the SS was kept secret by the US Military and NASA. In fact, according to Jacobsen, he was instructed to respond to questions about his past by saying he’d been fully investigated by the U.S. Military. “And he had been thoroughly investigated,” says Jacobsen, “They just didn’t reveal what the investigation had found.”

Is Wernher Von Braun a Time Traveler?

Regardless of his past, he was a visionary scientist with a dream of space flight. He conceptualized the idea of the International Space Station and advocated human missions to Mars. His advanced thinking and early rocket science make one wonder if he was a time traveler. In 1943 he wrote a book entitled, Project Mars: A Technical Tale, which encapsulated a journey to Mars – planning, building, and discoveries on Mars. Of them, a Mars Government whose leader was called…      ELON!

Von Braun tried eighteen times to get the science fiction book published. It wasn’t until 2006 that it was published, four years after Elon Musk founded SpaceX with the specific mission to create the technology needed to establish a city on Mars.

NASA’s Evidence of Life on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover found new evidence that suggests there may have been ancient life. Specifically organic molecules – indicators of life, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements – were found in sedimentary rocks near the surface. Additionally, in the Martian air, the rover detects seasonal fluctuations and high amounts of methane, a gas typically produced by living things.

“The results of finding microbes, might be as revolutionary as cracking DNA.”
– Jim Green, NASA Chief Scientist, Gravity Assist Podcast: What if We Found Life on Mars

Is all of this Science Fiction or Science Fact? Could it be there are some who know and others – in the science and in government – who seek technology already developed? The line may always be blurred.

ᶦ Isaacson, Walter (2017), Leonardo da Vinci

Juliana is an entertainer and writer. She’s currently working on a book about her Life With A Monkey. Check out her website at

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