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Our Career in the Art of Illusion and Entertainment

This is an overview of something things we have done both on stage and on National TV. We were featured on America’s Got Talent on 2007 and they kept Frankie our Monkey in the open credits for the whole season.  We also did Sabado Gigante on Univision that has an international audience.

Juliana Fay Cut in Half!  Actually 9 pieces.
Juli has been cut up in so many pieces.  This is one version of this illusion that we performed in Pigeon Forge TN.   Juli has also been cut in half with a lazer, and is currently being separated in half on a civil war amputation table.

Our Quick Change Act – this was one of the most ambitious routines we have ever done.   EXHAUSTING!  We created and built many of these effects just for this performance.  We performed it on the Show Boat Branson Belle, and on Holland American Cruise Lines in the Caribbean and Alaska.

We love mysteries of the Mind.   The Power of suggestion can be so powerful when you know how to use it.

Maybe one of our greatest accomplishments. Working with a trained monkey is no easy feat.,  Frankie is an amazing little primate and our little baby.
We made a DVD called LIFE WITH A MONKEY which shows what its like to live with a little monkey.

Children can STEAL THE SHOW or bring it to a screeching halt.  This little princess is the cutest ever!

If you think Im a big jerk – this might support that thought.

More proof…

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