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5 of the most Mysterious Ghost Ships!



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If you were the captain of your own yacht, and you saw an ship approaching, and the captain tried to contact it and there was no response – and then as it got closer – you couldn’t see any one.

You sail up right up along side of it – and there is no one there.   How would you proceed?

2 The term is called GHOST SHIPS!
And if you are sailor – you talk about it – and think it would be cool to encounter one.

I found some news stories lately – that have sent me down another port hole and I have raised some very intriguing, mysterious, and tragic stories.

So today I want to talk about 5 of the most MYSTERIOUS GHOST SHIPS and spoiler alert – the #1 Ghost ship is more like a Fleet of ghost ships!

# 5 The Mary Celeste 1872

was an American merchant ship, discovered adrift and deserted in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Azores Islands, on December 5, 1872.
A  Canadian ship captian found her in a disheveled but seaworthy condition, under partial sail, and with her lifeboat missing.

Deveau saw that the cabin interiors were wet and untidy from water that had entered through doorways and skylights, but were otherwise in reasonable order.
In the captains cabin, Deveau found personal items scattered about, including a sheathed sword under the bed, but most of the ship’s papers were missing, together with the captain’s navigational instruments.

Galley equipment was neatly stowed away; there was no food prepared or under preparation, but there were ample provisions in the stores.

There were no obvious signs of fire or violence;
the evidence indicated an orderly departure from the ship, by means of the missing lifeboat.[

No on know what happened to the captain his wife, baby and all the crew.

There are 3 theories.

  1. There was a leak from the barrels of the alcohol and the crew got into the life boat for distance and the rope broke.
  2. A water spout shot out of the ocean and knocked everyone out of the boat.
  3. Aliens










# 4 Kaz II
The Kaz II, dubbed “the ghost yacht”,
Kaz II departed from Airlie Beach on 15 April 2007, and was heading for Townsville, Queensland on the first leg of a journey that was to take it around Northern Australia to Western Australia.[3] The first indication that there was a problem came on 18 April, when a helicopter reported spotting Kaz II adrift in the vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef, and that its crew were potentially in distress.[2][3]

On 20 April, maritime authorities caught up with the boat and boarded it. They found the three-man crew missing in circumstances which they described as being “strange”.

“What they found was a bit strange in that everything was normal; there was just no sign of the crew

Australian officials revealed that the boat was in serviceable condition and was laid out as if the crew were still on board.

Food and flatware were set out on the table, a laptop computer was set up and turned on, and the engine was still running.

Officials also confirmed that the boat’s emergency systems, including its radio and GPS, were fully functional, and that it still had its full complement of life jackets.[2][3] There was even a small boat still hoisted on the stern of the boat, and the anchor was up.[6] The only signs that were out of the ordinary, other than the disappearance of the crew, was one of the boat’s sails had been badly shredded, and that there was no life raft on board (it is unknown whether there ever was one aboard).

The Kaz Crew

Theories are

  1. Pirates
  2. One of the three men fell overboard and the other two fell in trying to save him.

Baychimo  On 1 October 1931, at the end of a trading run and loaded with a cargo of fur,

The ship became stuck in the ice on October 8, Intending to wait out the winter if necessary, they constructed a wooden shelter some distance away.

On 24 November a powerful blizzard struck, and after it abated there was no sign of Baychimo. Her captain decided she must have broken up during the storm and been sunk.

A few days later, however, an Inuit seal hunter told him that he had seen Baychimo about 45 mi (72 km) away from their position. The crewmen tracked the ship down, but deciding she was unlikely to survive the winter, they removed the most valuable furs from the hold[2] to transport by air. Baychimo was abandoned.

Surprisingly, Baychimo did not sink, and over the next few decades she was sighted numerous times.

People managed to board her several times, but each time they were either unequipped to salvage her or were driven away by bad weather. The last recorded sighting was by a group of Inuit in 1969, 38 years after she was abandoned. She was stuck fast in the pack ice of the Beaufort Sea between Point Barrowand Icy Cape, in the Chukchi Sea off the northwestern Alaskan coast.[3] Baychimo‘s ultimate fate is unknown.

#2 Sam Ratulangi PB 1600,    Myanmar officials investigating a “ghost ship” found mysteriously drifting near the Yangon region this week have found the answer to its fate.

The large, empty and rusty container vessel, Sam Ratulangi PB 1600, had been discovered by fishermen off Myanmar’s commercial capital.

The navy now say the freighter was being towed by a tugboat headed to a ship-breaking factory in Bangladesh.

However, the crew abandoned the ship after being caught up in bad weather.

Authorities and navy personnel had boarded the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 on Thursday to search for clues after it ran aground on a beach.

Police and observers were baffled at how such a large ship, with no sailors or goods on board, had ended up in Myanmar.

The container ship was described as being in a working condition

The vessel, which was built in 2001, is more than 177 metres (580 ft) long, according to the Marine Traffic website, which logs the movements of ships aroun the world.

The ship’s location was last recorded off the coast of Taiwan in 2009, and this was the first reported instance of an abandoned ship appearing in Myanmar’s waters, according to the AFP news agency.

On Saturday, Myanmar’s navy said it suspected the ship had been towed by another ship after “two cables… were found at its head”.

They later found a tugboat, called Independence, about 80km (50 miles) off Myanmar’s coast.

After questioning the 13 Indonesian crew members on board, they learned that the tugboat had been towing the vessel since 13 August, and intended to take it to a factory in Bangladesh that would dismantle and salvage the ship.

However, some of the cables attached to the boat broke in bad weather, and they decided to abandon the ship.

The authorities are investigating further.

Eventually it ran aground in Myanmar

The owner of the tugboat is thought to be from Malaysia, news site Eleven Myanmar reports.

Bangladesh has a large ship-breaking industry – with hundreds of old commercial vessels dismantled in Chittagong each year.

But the business is controversial – with critics saying the work is poorly regulated and dangerous to laborer’s.


#1 North Korean ghost ships
Every year, dozens of derelict boats from North Korea wash up on Japanese shores; some of the boats house the remains of their crew. These “ghost ships” are believed to result when North Korean fisherman are lost at sea and succumb to exposure or starvation.

Four North Korean fishermen wash up in Japan, suggesting international sanctions have driven them to desperation
The Japan Coast Guard has reported 207 North Korean vessels washed up on Japanese shores or found derelict in Japanese waters in 2018, almost double the 104 in 2017 and a sharp increase from 38 the previous year.

Most are believed to have suffered some kind of mechanical failure that left those aboard at the mercy of the elements, with the crews of only a few vessels surviving to reach land. In most of the incidents there were no indications regarding the fate of the crew although in a number of cases the decomposing remains of sailors were found aboard the vessels.

These vessels, adrift in the ocean, have been dubbed “ghost ships” by Japanese media


Stephen Nagy, a senior associate professor of politics at Tokyo’s International Christian University, said the increased numbers indicated sanctions against North Korea have taken a toll.


“Sanctions imposed by the US and the international community are really having an effect on the broader economy in the North and forcing ordinary people like these fishermen – to go beyond what they would normally endure to get resources,” Nagy said. “The elite in Pyongyang may still be feeling the positive effects of Kim Jong-un’s switch of focus to the economy, but these fishermen are not seeing the same benefits at all.”

Another explanation is that fisherman may be under increased pressure from North Korean authorities to return with a larger catch due to acute food shortages at home. The North’s coastal waters have also been overfished in recent years, with stocks not given sufficient time to recover as demand has increased.


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Tesla & Edison’s Ghost Machines!




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The Edison Ghost Phone and the Tesla Spirit Radio!  In 1920 tom Edison and Nikola Tesla independently

experimented in Inventing Machines to communicate with spirits and GHOSTS!

Even today on Shows like Ghost Adventures and Holzer’s Files – they are making use of something called a “ghost Box” which is similar but a much evolved version of a concept that originated 100s years ago during the Spanish Flu – when more than 50 million people died from an incurable disease..

The grieving survivors were desperate to connect with the poor souls that they lost – and Inventors Edison and Tesla believed they could provide an electronic device to help connect people with their deceased relatives.
Edison called it his Ghost Phone and Tesla called it his Spirit Radio!      I spoke with our Friend NY Times Best Selling author Bill Birnes and he explained how these 2 brilliant ment thought it could be possible!

2 Brilliant and respected inventors experimented with developing machines that could contact the Dead. 

We spoke Bill Birnes – who is the founder of Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters and
And contributor of Unsealed files and the author of   Edison vs. Tesla: The Battle over Their Last Invention   

He tells about about the rivalry between the 2 famous inventors and not just why they wanted to create a device to communicate with Ghosts but also HOW they believed it was possible.
But before we unfold the whole story – have you ever used a spirit board, or consulted a medium to reach out to a departed one?  Do you believe in Ghosts?   Please let us know in the comments below – and if are not part of our group – we would be honored to have you as a subscriber and please click the Bell for notifications as we are adding you segments  every Thursday!

At the time of this recording – the cases of Covid 19 seem to be rising as our population is coming out from lock down – but the good news is PEOPLE ARE RECOVERING – Case seem to be not as severe – AND THE DAILY DEATH RATE SEEMS TO BE STEADILY DECLINING.   Obviously we don’t want to lose one single life but at least things seem to be moving in the right direction.   

While the Covid 19 pandemic is more than nearly anyone alive can imagine – this situation pales in comparison to what happened almost exactly 100 years ago.

Tesla Believed ENERGY NEVER DIES!     The voices of the dead were still out there in a frequency that could be detected   8:50 – 11:01

You can even get the plans on line and for around $30 you can buy the parts and build your own version of Telsa’s spirit Radio.

Well – what do you think?   Is there something to these theories?

Who had a better chance of making CONTACT?  Edison or Tesla?

And if you don’t know – you can try to find out for yourself – Just Google Tesla Spirit Radio and you can get yourself the PLANS to build a Spirit Radio – it will just cost you around 30 dollars in parts.  

And good luck with that.

Of course some people might think you’re crazy – in fact – Thomas Edison’s own Family had a big problem with his ideas about a Ghost phone.

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Behind the Scenes ofThe Holzers Files- on the Travel Channel




This Week i Sit down with my friend @daveschrader of Darkness Radio, and now the Star of THE HOLZER FILES on the Travel Channel.

Dave is an expert in a broad array of paranormal subjects and the perfect guy to walk in the footsteps of America’s Ghost Hunting founding father – Hans Holzer.   Watch my interview and then set your DVR on the travel channel!


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Dolls found in the attic of an Insane Asylum




At the Willard Asylum almost 6000 patients were buried  in unmarked graves on the property with very few records remain to prove these patients even existed .  By its closure, most patients were eventually integrated back into society, but in the early days “people didn’t leave unless it was in a box.”    What really happened behind the thick walls of the Willard hospital during its 126 years of existence?

Experimental Treatments
It is hard to speculate.  Locally, rumors have circulated that experimental psychiatric drugs, and procedures like lobotomies and electroshock therapy were exercised on patients there in the later years of operation.

Utility company 10 years ago the local power company sent in an employee into the attic of one of the Willard Asylum’s abandoned buildings.  In that Attic he discovered around 400 suitcases belonging to patients from the 1890 through the 1930.  They were cataloged and recorded and eventually displayed in an exhibition in the New York State Museum.

I attended this exhibit and while there and being someone who “asks too many questions” I asked one of the docents if all of the cases found were in the exhibit.

She told me that there were a few cases that with contents that were considered too controversial to be displayed for the public.

Really too controversial for the New York Public?!

Alice Potterroth

Ashley and Alice Potter -were identical twins born in a Central New York town called Geneva.

Their mother died while giving birth and their father tried to raise them to the best of his ability  – giving the little girls everything he could.

One Christmas their father working as a shoe maker took on an extra work load so that he could afford a set of matching dolls as gifts for the girls.  The Girls were very close and did everything together.  They  almost were never separated – and in a letter to family, his father once wrote that he believed that the girls were “linked” in an unusual way.

The Girls were literally inseparable and always together but ironically the one night that Alice went to visit her grandparents – their house burnt down taking the lives of her father and her sister Ashley.


Before Ashley had been told of the accident she was found screaming hysterically and in pain – but she didn’t know why.

For a short time she lived with an aunt and uncle – but she demonstrated troubling behavior.
She claimed to always want to talk on behalf of her sister Alice.
She claimed that Alice and she were still “linked”.

At the time this behavior from a little girl was not acceptable and she was eventually  sent to the Willard Asylum for the Insane.

Once in the Asylum – Ashley entered a severe state of depression.
She stopped talking and the only way she would communicate would be with Chalk and Slates.
She quickly contracted tuberculosis and died shortly after.

The Spirit Cabinet

This is SPIRIT CABINET – used in the Victorian Era to channel and amplify ghostly energies.  In a moment – We will place the belongings of Alice and Ashley Potteroth in the cabinet – along side our Medium Juliana Fay and see what kind of answers will come forth.

After I acquired the suitcase – I contacted the Asylum that is now a prison – and asked if there were any other items from the time period of the Potteroth girls – I got a these items from a Nurses station.  A call bell – a book case – and an old chair.   There is more  – when I received the suitcase – I also got this – I had no idea what it was – but when I opened the left side – I was in awe to find Alice’s Porcelain Doll.  When I opened the right side I gasped to find – Ashley’s Doll that was recovered the from the burning building that she and her father died in.

Lets set up the items and then conduct our Asylum Seance.  But there is a very important detail – She will be channeling energies from the items of the Asylum – and we hope that is might be that of Alice Potteroth – but there are other residents of the Asylum that were tied up and restrained – and no with out cause.  So as a precaution – if one of the restrained residents of the Asylum come through Juliana Fay – the situation will be more “manageable”.


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