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JFK, Dr. Feelgood and Roswell



Well – this brings us to JFK  last week it was 55 years to day when he was assassinated and there are all kinds of conspiracy theories.

I have been interviewing a New York Times Best Selling Author Bill Birnes and he has written many fascinating books like Dr. Feelgood.   And who was Dr. Feelgood?

Now with this story there are some specifics that I don’t think I should say on TV but we have the full interview at and you can hear the facts directly from Bill Birnes.

Well JFK is a legend but I don’t think the public realizes that he had a severely damaged back from an injury in WW2 and he often walked with Crutches during his presidency.   He had all kinds of aliments and has taking a ton of prescriptions.   He was a pharmaceutical basket case.

Jack Kennedy has a personal doctor  Dr. Feelgood – Max Jacobson that was giving injections to the president.  These injections were a special blend of Animal cells and Methamphetamines.
They were to help him with low energy and his lower back pain.

This is how it got out of hand.

SIDENOTE: Bobby Kennedy – was in the Oval Office when he found some of this little glowing vials.  He snuck it out and turned it over to the FBI  – they did analysis on it and determined it was Methamphetamines.

Bobby Kennedy confronted the Jewish Doctor swearing and scream at him, and the Doctor tendered his resignation.   Well – JFK didn’t make it very long before he was dying for once of these treatments and he begged the Doctor to return.

He came to a hotel in NY and gave JFK a massive dose and left him with additional vials.

JFK entered full on meltdown mode and did some unbelievable things – ( can’t say what he did on Television this early in the morning – but I have the full interview and you can hear the author himself describe these actions) that you wouldn’t want to see your President doing.
They kind of thing you wouldn’t want to press or the public to see.
But who did see this – the FBI.   They started to panic.   That was strike 1

“Happy Birthday Mr. President”   Jackie was outraged, and she was cut off from the White House – Jackie put her foot down at that point.    Well – Marilyn didn’t respond well to that at all – and it’s a lengthy chapter but she was devastated and called up Bobby Kennedy

and relayed a message that if She wasn’t allow to see the president she would run to the Press and tell them about the Air Base in the Desert with the Space things that they recovered when something crashed OH and I will also tell them about the little green men!    That phone message got picked up by the FBI and they didn’t like the fact that the president was leaking classified information in the form of Pillow talk.  Strike 2


Then JFK  wrote a memo to the military to share the data that they had on the UFO crash with the Soviets.   The Soviets knew the Roswell Crash wasn’t a weather balloon – That’s like they have Russian spys all around Nevada – they were try to figure out what we had recovered.

KELLY – why would the president want to share this with Russia?

Because we were in a Space race and trying to put the first man on the moon.  Kennedy wanted the Russian to know that when we got there it wouldn’t be from Alien Technology we were going to win with American Ingenuity.   That was his reason – but the Media and the intelligence community was furious.  Strike 3

Oh and by the way – he also wrote a memo that he wanted to pull out of Viet Nam!
The CIA had a VESTED INTEREST in staying there and this was the ultimate deal breaker.   Strike 4

So you have a president that can be compromised because of an

  • addiction to meth,
  • Pillow talk with Marilyn,
  • Wanting to share the UFO data with Russia,
  • and then pulling out of VIET NAM.

For some very powerful people that was TOO MUCH!    

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