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Ghosts in the White House




Its arguably the most famous building in America – and a lot of people don’t realize that it is one of the most Haunted buildings in America.

How can I say that?    Because most accounts of a haunted building come from people that are highly suggestible – and their minds are playing tricks on them – and most of all – they REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE they are having an experience.   I see it all the time.

But in the White House – you have HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE working there and also people that have been vetted with background checks and Psychological evaluations   They are SOLID PEOPLE – and they have to be – because they are working in a building that is filled with priceless artifacts and art,  its home to the president and his family,  and it’s a place where they host heads of foreign governments.   You need solid people.

These Solid People have seen things.

I have done a ton of research on this – and we don’t have time to get into all of it – but on Monday I interviewed Jeff Belander who wrote the book “Whos haunting the White House?”   You can get it on Audible for $5.00 or you can buy one of the remaining originally copies on Amazon for $125.00

Jeff Belanger has a real advantage because the white house is not going to let anyone do paranormal investigations in the white house – obviously, they don’t want that kind of attention.  But Jeff said that he was going to use the ghost stories as a way to intrigue children 10 and up to learn American History – so he was allowed in to go looking for ghosts and interview the staff.

Even Jenna Bush recently said on the Today show – that she would hear things in the middle of the night and when she told members of the staff – you wouldn’t believe what I heard last night – they said – Jenna you would believe what we have been hearing and seeing for years!




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Tesla & Edison’s Ghost Machines!




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The Edison Ghost Phone and the Tesla Spirit Radio!  In 1920 tom Edison and Nikola Tesla independently

experimented in Inventing Machines to communicate with spirits and GHOSTS!

Even today on Shows like Ghost Adventures and Holzer’s Files – they are making use of something called a “ghost Box” which is similar but a much evolved version of a concept that originated 100s years ago during the Spanish Flu – when more than 50 million people died from an incurable disease..

The grieving survivors were desperate to connect with the poor souls that they lost – and Inventors Edison and Tesla believed they could provide an electronic device to help connect people with their deceased relatives.
Edison called it his Ghost Phone and Tesla called it his Spirit Radio!      I spoke with our Friend NY Times Best Selling author Bill Birnes and he explained how these 2 brilliant ment thought it could be possible!

2 Brilliant and respected inventors experimented with developing machines that could contact the Dead. 

We spoke Bill Birnes – who is the founder of Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters and
And contributor of Unsealed files and the author of   Edison vs. Tesla: The Battle over Their Last Invention   

He tells about about the rivalry between the 2 famous inventors and not just why they wanted to create a device to communicate with Ghosts but also HOW they believed it was possible.
But before we unfold the whole story – have you ever used a spirit board, or consulted a medium to reach out to a departed one?  Do you believe in Ghosts?   Please let us know in the comments below – and if are not part of our group – we would be honored to have you as a subscriber and please click the Bell for notifications as we are adding you segments  every Thursday!

At the time of this recording – the cases of Covid 19 seem to be rising as our population is coming out from lock down – but the good news is PEOPLE ARE RECOVERING – Case seem to be not as severe – AND THE DAILY DEATH RATE SEEMS TO BE STEADILY DECLINING.   Obviously we don’t want to lose one single life but at least things seem to be moving in the right direction.   

While the Covid 19 pandemic is more than nearly anyone alive can imagine – this situation pales in comparison to what happened almost exactly 100 years ago.

Tesla Believed ENERGY NEVER DIES!     The voices of the dead were still out there in a frequency that could be detected   8:50 – 11:01

You can even get the plans on line and for around $30 you can buy the parts and build your own version of Telsa’s spirit Radio.

Well – what do you think?   Is there something to these theories?

Who had a better chance of making CONTACT?  Edison or Tesla?

And if you don’t know – you can try to find out for yourself – Just Google Tesla Spirit Radio and you can get yourself the PLANS to build a Spirit Radio – it will just cost you around 30 dollars in parts.  

And good luck with that.

Of course some people might think you’re crazy – in fact – Thomas Edison’s own Family had a big problem with his ideas about a Ghost phone.

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Behind the Scenes ofThe Holzers Files- on the Travel Channel




This Week i Sit down with my friend @daveschrader of Darkness Radio, and now the Star of THE HOLZER FILES on the Travel Channel.

Dave is an expert in a broad array of paranormal subjects and the perfect guy to walk in the footsteps of America’s Ghost Hunting founding father – Hans Holzer.   Watch my interview and then set your DVR on the travel channel!


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Dolls found in the attic of an Insane Asylum




At the Willard Asylum almost 6000 patients were buried  in unmarked graves on the property with very few records remain to prove these patients even existed .  By its closure, most patients were eventually integrated back into society, but in the early days “people didn’t leave unless it was in a box.”    What really happened behind the thick walls of the Willard hospital during its 126 years of existence?

Experimental Treatments
It is hard to speculate.  Locally, rumors have circulated that experimental psychiatric drugs, and procedures like lobotomies and electroshock therapy were exercised on patients there in the later years of operation.

Utility company 10 years ago the local power company sent in an employee into the attic of one of the Willard Asylum’s abandoned buildings.  In that Attic he discovered around 400 suitcases belonging to patients from the 1890 through the 1930.  They were cataloged and recorded and eventually displayed in an exhibition in the New York State Museum.

I attended this exhibit and while there and being someone who “asks too many questions” I asked one of the docents if all of the cases found were in the exhibit.

She told me that there were a few cases that with contents that were considered too controversial to be displayed for the public.

Really too controversial for the New York Public?!

Alice Potterroth

Ashley and Alice Potter -were identical twins born in a Central New York town called Geneva.

Their mother died while giving birth and their father tried to raise them to the best of his ability  – giving the little girls everything he could.

One Christmas their father working as a shoe maker took on an extra work load so that he could afford a set of matching dolls as gifts for the girls.  The Girls were very close and did everything together.  They  almost were never separated – and in a letter to family, his father once wrote that he believed that the girls were “linked” in an unusual way.

The Girls were literally inseparable and always together but ironically the one night that Alice went to visit her grandparents – their house burnt down taking the lives of her father and her sister Ashley.


Before Ashley had been told of the accident she was found screaming hysterically and in pain – but she didn’t know why.

For a short time she lived with an aunt and uncle – but she demonstrated troubling behavior.
She claimed to always want to talk on behalf of her sister Alice.
She claimed that Alice and she were still “linked”.

At the time this behavior from a little girl was not acceptable and she was eventually  sent to the Willard Asylum for the Insane.

Once in the Asylum – Ashley entered a severe state of depression.
She stopped talking and the only way she would communicate would be with Chalk and Slates.
She quickly contracted tuberculosis and died shortly after.

The Spirit Cabinet

This is SPIRIT CABINET – used in the Victorian Era to channel and amplify ghostly energies.  In a moment – We will place the belongings of Alice and Ashley Potteroth in the cabinet – along side our Medium Juliana Fay and see what kind of answers will come forth.

After I acquired the suitcase – I contacted the Asylum that is now a prison – and asked if there were any other items from the time period of the Potteroth girls – I got a these items from a Nurses station.  A call bell – a book case – and an old chair.   There is more  – when I received the suitcase – I also got this – I had no idea what it was – but when I opened the left side – I was in awe to find Alice’s Porcelain Doll.  When I opened the right side I gasped to find – Ashley’s Doll that was recovered the from the burning building that she and her father died in.

Lets set up the items and then conduct our Asylum Seance.  But there is a very important detail – She will be channeling energies from the items of the Asylum – and we hope that is might be that of Alice Potteroth – but there are other residents of the Asylum that were tied up and restrained – and no with out cause.  So as a precaution – if one of the restrained residents of the Asylum come through Juliana Fay – the situation will be more “manageable”.


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