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Dolores Cannon: Past Life Regression



Past Life Regression work of
Dolores Cannon


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Have you ever wondered who,what, where, and   WHEN you might have been in a previous lifetime?  There is a belief among some of us that we are here on earth multiple times.

Back in the 1960s  – the subject of Past life Regression was considered Crazy by doctors and  forbidden territory to hypnotists, however Dolores Cannon and her husband Johnny stumbled into the subject and went on to become ground breaking legends in this amazing field.

There have been some incredible cases where afterwards the person being hypnotised doesn’t remember anything they said – and yet when what they said in the session is research and investigated – it seems like they actually might have existed back in that time. 
This week I got to speak to Nancy Vernon who is the Daughter of Dolores Cannon.  Who shared with me some of her mother’s most fascinating sessions including the first time Dolores and her husband Johnny Stumbled into the subject of Past lives….


Then there was a case of a young girl named Katie from Arkansas –  who didn’t graduate high school – sat down and suddenly transitioned into a young 12 BOY named Suddi  –  who lived in the mysterious enclave called Qumran, high atop a bluff in the West Bank overlooking the Dead Sea.


I am the biggest skeptic when someone tells me stories like this – but the more I investigate, and the more amazing people I talk to, the more I realize that anything is possible.  Like when Dolores was doing a session with a woman who connected with her past life as a MAN in 16th century France and was a student of Nostradamus.  And then in the middle of the session – the subject said to Delores – “he wants to talk to you.” 

It would be tough to make this up!  I would like to thank Nancy Vernon – for the great stories about her her mother’s work – and if you would like to buy any of Dolores Cannons books you can find them at   next week time travel continues with Project Pegasus.

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Immortality – Could Humans live to be 1000?!




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Egyptian Book of the Dead – Afterlife Experiment




In this segment I shared with Jeremy and Kelly my grandfathers copy of the Egyptian book of the Dead and the Mummy remains that I acquired for our paranormal experiment that we do every October.


If you want to see the experiment live We are doing shows on Oct 11, Oct 19th, and Oct 26th in Eureka Springs.  This is the Biggest show of the year and there is more than just the Mummy Experiment.  Please see the video below for more.

Notes from Intrigue Journal Appearance:

Can you believe it has almost been a year since Kelly came down to Eureka Springs and did the segment on the Halloween City of Eureka springs  – and shortly there after you invited me to come here weekly and talk about subjects that I think your audience will find INTRIGUING.   That’s my job but its also my Passion  because its how I was raised.

My Grandparents were members of Secret Societies.

My Grandfather was the caretaker of the Temple where his fraternal brother assembled.

He often brought me there – and while to took care of the place – I would be EXPLORING.   I knew every room, and passage in that place.   It is one of the few remaining buildings in Minnesota of that quality.

The Freemasons have real admiration of an Ancient Culture that was obsessed with the Afterlife – Ancient Egypt.   If you have ever been in one of these temple you will certainly see the inspiration.   We have performed in many of them around the country.    Look at this Egyptian Theater in Guthrie Oklahoma, and then when we performed at McAlester OK – you would have thought we were in a temple in Luxor or Cairo!    They are SPECTACULAR Buildings.

And The Egyptians were HELL BENT on the Afterlife.
This is a culture that would bury their dead –
they would PREPARE THEM for their Journey into the next Chapter.
They would build fantastic tombs for their leaders.
And they even wrote a book.   unquestionably one of the most influential books in all history.

  • Embodying a ritual to be performed for the dead, with detailed instructions for the behaviors of the disembodied spirit in the Land of the Gods,
  • it served as the most important repository of religious authority for some three thousand years.
  • Chapters were carved on the pyramids of the ancient 5th Dynasty,
  • texts were written in papyrus,
  • and selections were painted on mummy cases well into the Christian Era.
  • In a certain sense it stood behind all Egyptian civilization.

Book of the Dead, or as it is otherwise known, The Book of the Great Awakening.

My Grandfathers Masonic Temple had an Egyptian Reading room – not as fabulous as the other temples I have performed at recently – but as a child I was always fascinated by their copy of the Book of the Dead.    My Grandfather didn’t want me to go near it – and I respected his wishes.   And when he died, I was devastated. And as an Adult I returned to his Temple.

Would you believe that many of the scholars and archeologists that are discovering these ancient sites also believe that there might be something to the idea of a supernatural Voyage into the Afterlife.

I have interviewed Scotty Roberts – the Publisher of Intrepid magazine and We talked about Egyptologists that have been in these dig sites and what they have experienced…

Play Scotty Roberts Sound Byte #1   There is Paranormal Activity in those temples.

 So I have the book – and I have done the research – but if I wanted to do an experiment from this book – there is just one thing I am missing.  An Ancient Egyptian!

I know – what I am saying might be creepy or Crazy – but I don’t care.    Its still a fascinating premise.

You can’t just order the remains of an Ancient Egyptian on Amazon.

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What happens at the moment of DEATH? 3 Part Series!



Do you have a NEAR DEATH or OUT OF BODY or END OF LIFE experience?

We would love to hear it!  Share your story below in the comments area- Dreams and visions of your own or those of your loved ones.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the comments.

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