Young boy meets a family of REAL VAMPIRES in Wisconsin


Michael Bodine – talks about going with his psychic family to a paranormal camp – and meeting the unexplainable.

“They didn’t care they if you didn’t believe them
– if you didn’t believe then you’re missing the whole point,
and you were stupid.”


The vampire concept is hundreds of years old and has been taken in many different directions by scores of storytellers. Of course Hollywood works its magic to create a very fantasy and magical rendition of what vampires are like and yet among all the vampire tales being told, what were the experiences behind the story? More than likely these authors just researched the folklore that’s been out there for hundreds of years what you’re about to hear is a personal account of one man’s experience with a family of vampires.
He is Michael Bodine, a nationally acclaimed psychic who’s been featured many times on network television and is now the author of “Growing Up Psychic” a book that is now in its third printing.

We recently had a chance to speak with Michael on several paranormal subjects one of which was his encounter with vampires.
Michael Bodine: “It was probably was probably 1967. We went to a lot of different psychic camps, but this one had much tighter security than most places. It was in the woods, on this high bluff and this was the real deal. The other psychic camps were a little loosey-goosey you could just tell him Byrdie sent us and they would let us through. This one, however, we pulled up to the entrance and we would have to answer the psychic question, and if you did have to have references, and you did have to have kind of a serious attitude to the event. I wasn’t really into it. I was ten years old and I had to go and so my mom kept saying stuff like, “we’re gonna to meet some really cool people this time – it’s gonna be really interesting” and she had mentioned something about vampires. I remember thinking she was just telling me anything to keep me from complaining. But when we got there Byrdie (who is like ninety and very very much the elder statesman and the teacher) and the person in charge – she was there and she was giddy about meeting these people this so-called family of vampires. So we get there, and there are all these different tents all over the place and each tent had something different. A variety of different things. One tent had this guy who drew pictures of your guardian angel. In another tent, they were doing channeling – like real channels you know where people would jump inside you-you know and you can see their face change and all of a sudden they get really young but get them they turn Irish you know get a little red freckles and shit.

Then this other tent that was kind of a bigger tent, and we had been there for couple hours, we walked in and there was this family, I still I can’t believe it to this day, but these people were they were they’re very quiet.

The dad did all the talking, and the mom did a little talking but the two kids didn’t say anything. Their skin was like white like not even white light like clear white it glowed. It was and they had clothes but what wasn’t covered you could see the veins. Their eyes were kind of clear but they were piercing there’s a little there was a little uncomfortable with it. It’s kind of like having a talking to a wild animal because you know that we’re food. So there’s a little tension there. I know there’s all these stories that you hear – I could totally see that because you’re just so fascinated by looking at in their eyes. They kind of look right through you. They had a very captivating presence. I don’t think that they were necessarily attractive people but they were very real and we were really drawn to them. I could sit and talk to him and listen to him and you can see how, as the movie or the story goes that somebody could just be charmed staring them, in the meantime they’re you know they’re grabbing you and throwing you in the bag. That’s the way it felt like you know, I felt like you’re concentrating and looking in the eyes and they could do anything you want and you wouldn’t even care. It’s it’s a weird thing because their body gave off a coldness but they were very approachable. He would say things like, “we’ve been around for centuries…”

I thought the woman was beautiful but she was definitely the strongest of all the whole family. You could tell that if she’s so she was the one probably in control, even though the guy was the one doing all the talking.

They didn’t care they if you didn’t believe them – if you didn’t believe then you’re missing the whole point, and you were stupid. They weren’t there to show off being vampires. It was like they tolerated certain questions like do and they fledge they thing it’s like  they have heard these questions and that  really wasn’t about them being vampires  it was about them saying look there’s  tons of stuff going on that you can say  and being vampire being a werewolf or  being in nature spirit and all that stuff is theirs it’s going on and here’s  proof and you don’t have to believe me  if you don’t want it’s like they didn’t  care if we believe them or not this it’s  like you can believe your own eyes or  you don’t have to believe your own eyes  and they weren’t out to prove it or  anything like that but there was something out there.

For over 45 years Michael Bodine has been dealing with ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Michael Bodine

has seen just about everything you can see at over a thousand ghostbusting. We talk with him about his experiences on Real Ghost Stories Online. Nationally acclaimed Psychic and Best Selling author GROWING UP PSYCHIC – Michael Bodine share his personal experience in meeting a family of Vampires.



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