Sean-Paul Channels the Spirit of Harry Houdini

The Extraordinary Escape!

Sean-Paul the Illusionist performs Houdini Stunt.

“Houdini himself would be hard-pressed to do it any better!”
Arkansas Democrat


The Citizen Newspaper obtained a regulation straight Jacket from a Corrections facility. Following an inspection of the straight Jacket by Eureka Springs Police Department to verify its authenticity, we Challenge Sean-Paul to be strapped up in the Straight Jacket and hoisted upside down by his feet, suspended from a plank extending off of the observation deck of Americas Most Haunted Hotel — The Crescent Hotel. Restrained in the Strait Jacket, isolated and upside-down 50 feet in the air – Sean-Paul must free himself before he is lowered back down to the front steps of the hotel. One thing that makes this extra unique is that Sean-Paul will be dangling high above a haunted location where several deaths resulted from high falls, including the Crescent’s most famous ghost Michael- who fell to his death while the hotel was being built.

Failure to Escape means a Drowning Death! Following the successful escape of a strait, Jacket suspended upside down from the top floor of the Haunted Crescent Hotel, The Carrol County Newspaper Challenges Illusionist Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater to the Following… Producer of Sean-Paul the Illusionist to do a second Extraordinary Escape. The Citizen Newspaper has located and obtained a 70-year-old 50 gallon Milk Can. In the Spirit of Houdini’s Milk Can escape “Failure means a drowning death!” we submit the following challenge. The Escape will be held Oct 20th 2012 in Basin Spring Park in Eureka Springs, AR at 7 p.m. The Crowd can then attend Intrigue theater at 8 pm that same night following the Escape – if Sean-Paul Survives!

Sean-Paul is the producer of Intrigue theater – one of the most fun things to do in Eureka Springs, Ar

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