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Thanks for stopping by our Journal.  I must explain – I have been a magician since the age of 8 so I guess its a given that I have always had a passion for mystery – as I have grown older – I have become more and more interested in mysteries BEYOND ART OF ILLUSION.   We have been to so many amazing places and met people that have really inspired us that we wanted to create a place to document all of these experiences.  So here we are.

Welcome to Intrigue Journal – we have created this -place for us to document all PLACES, THINGS, AND PEOPLE intriguing.  We also like to document what we are doing with our LIVE SHOW in Eureka Springs, Intrigue theater, as well as the research that we are doing to create new segments in the show.

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Regardless of how you consume it – we hope you will enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoy reporting it.

Our Most recent story…

The Crescent Hotel and Spa was rated by Yahoo news as America’s Most Haunted Hotel.  Shortly after we created our Show in Eureka Springs, we were drawn into this amazing place and it quickly started to feel like our 2nd home. In the last 7 years we have performed there MANY TIMES and in 2012 I was tied in a straight jacket and hoisted by my feet to the top of the hotel and performed a Houdini publicity stunt to promote our October performance schedule at Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs.

The Crescent has become an extended family for us and we love working with them on paranormal events and sharing haunted experiences.  The winter in Eureka Springs brings a much lower traffic flow then we get in the summer but there is a different kind of excitement in the town.  If you have seen the movie THE SHINNING – you can imagine how cool it is to come to our town in the DEAD of winter and stay at America’s Most Haunted Hotel.   In this Journal entry, I interview Keith Scales (from London) and the current Ghost Tour director at the Crescent Hotel.   We have been friends for a long time (almost 10 years) and we have shared some really cool experiences as you will hear and in this discussion, I asked him about 4 topics.

  •   What goes on BEHIND THE SCENES at the Crescent hotel – the Ghost stories behind the tour.
  •   What did Keith think about our Seance on Halloween night in the Ballroom of the hotel.  We scripted the seance as per the stories and people that he has researched and he saw what happened at the seance.
  •  What will happen for the ESP conference – “Eureka Springs Paranormal” Conference a really amazing opportunity happening the first 2 weeks in January.  An event that will be SOLD OUT before Christmas.
  •  Finally, I asked him to tell us about his new book – “HOUSE OF A HUNDRED ROOMS.”   A book that he wrote based on the characters that haunt the Crescent Hotel.

It was a fun interview and we will be following this one up with a report of what happened at the ESP conference in late January – so please subscribe to stay updated.